Tracking Adwords When I Already Have Analytics Tag?


I have Google Analytics set up on my store and have had for some time. Set this up in the 'preferences/Analytics' section of my store as shopify advise. It displays like so "UA-123456789-1" and works fine.

I've attempted to get Adwords to track conversions a few times without success. Here I go again... I figured you guys might be able to help.

I've filled the shopify > checkout > additional scripts with the Adwords tracking code but cannot fathom which code to put between in theme.liquid if indeed any? Google Adwords has three options re the code you should copy over. 


1)The global site tag isn't installed on all your HTML pages

2)The global site tag is already installed on all pages, but comes from another Google product (such as Google Analytics) or from another Google Ads account

3)The global site tag on all pages was installed already when you created another conversion action in this Google Ads account

When I select option 2 (since I already have a tag in the preferences>analytics section of shopify), it gives me a very brief Tag related to the checkout script that I imagine would do nothing in my theme.liquid. Google states that you would have to copy this before the script ends on every analytics tag already running on your site. It looks like so:

gtag('config', 'AW-123456789');  

Is this better integrated into the Shopify > Preferences > Google Analytics > Additional Scripts section?

Shopify has a guide for installing adwords, but no guide for what to do if you already have analytics installed with a Gtag. 

To be honest these GTags are confusing the life out of me. Always happy to have a crack at adapting/shifting code but this stuffs got me stumped. 

Read an article about doing this with Google Tag Manager but it seems very overcomplicated for what I'm after and in my experience seems to slow down your webpage enough to affect ranking. 


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Tracking Adwords when I already have analytics tag?
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