MAC Kajal Crayon: Better The Second Time Around…

It just goes to show ya that it never hurts to give a product a second chance, because I did not care for the $23 MAC Kajal Crayons when they first launched in Diane Kendal, but I’m all about this new batch. I don’t know if MAC tweaked the formula, or if I’m just remembering things differently, but I think these are SO good — especially if you’re a smoky-eye-’til-I-die person like I am.

Basically, these are chubby liners/eyeshadows that adhere to water lines AND skin. You’re supposed to plop them on, then blow out the edges (a.k.a “smoke it the eff out”) using your fingers or a brush. I like using the MAC 217 with them because I think I can feather out the edges more quickly with it than I can with a fluffier brush like the 224.

By the way, I softened the transition along the edge in this pic with Soft Brown and Saddle.

Creamy pencils like these usually have a limited — I guess you could call it “shelf life” on your lids and water lines because of how easily they move. And the creamier they are, the more they move.

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MAC Kajal Crayon: Better the Second Time Around…
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