Facebook To Allow For First Party Cookies On October 24th

This announcement from Facebook is either great news or meaningless depending on how and where a particular website operates. For example, a site that relies on ad traffic needs to have cookies and they may switch to a first-party cookie for one reason or another. For this user, Facebook's change means they can use their first-party cookie along with the Facebook Ad Manager which can lead to better Facebook Ad results and metric measurements. On the other end of the spectrum, many websites for businesses that provide a service don't use cookies except for the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics code. There's no reason for these websites to build their own cookie since they're using the Facebook and/or Google cookie which are always up on industry standards, making them safe bets to stick with.

Source : https://www.inc.com/peter-roesler/facebook-to-allow-for-first-party-cookies-on-october-24th.html

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