Tips To Set Your Video Strategy Up For Success

There’s a lot that goes into ensuring a video strategy’s success beyond just great content. That content has to be optimized to perform well wherever it’s published.

Video platforms like YouTube, with its 1.3 billion monthly users, can offer amazing opportunities to reach new audiences. But it’s a crowded market: Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. So what can you do to make your video stand out and perform well?

1. Optimize Your Video For SEO

Anywhere you choose to publish your video, you’ll want to optimize for search. This is where marketing and SEO expertise come in. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, so be strategic.

A few important things to consider are:

  • Add metadata and a great title. Metadata and your title should both include relevant keywords. Your title should be clear, compelling, and concise—preferably fewer than 60 characters.

  • Add a description. Focus on the first 100 characters and put the most important information there (including a CTA if you have one).

  • Add tags/keywords. Only use keywords relevant to your video. “Stuffing” too many irrelevant tags can hurt your rank. Include both short- and long-tail keywords.

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When we talk about optimizing a video, we don’t just mean for search engines—there are a few areas to consider, all of which contribute to how a finished video looks, loads, and performs online.

Optimize a video for viewing by ensuring that the footage is high-quality, in the resolution you need, and formatted to look good on targeted platforms and devices. Be sure you’re clear about any specifications you have for resolution, especially if you require 4K. You’ll want to make sure the professional you hire has the video and mic equipment, software, and processing power to handle your project.

Consider closed captions or subtitles. Don’t lose viewers who are watching video with their volume off.

Also, you’ll want to

optimize your video for loading, to minimize the frustration of buffering that causes some to close a video before they’ve even watched it. Consider the size, quality, and file format of your finished video. File size is particularly important because video files are typically larger than other files on the web. Compression can go a long way to make video file sizes smaller during encoding. You may opt for “lossless compression,” in which no quality is lost from the original file. Encoding is also the time to add metadata, subtitles, filters, and chapters to your video.

Tip: Other ways to decrease file sizes include

hosting the video on a third-party video sharing site; shortening the video, which is easier said than done, but can be done by breaking a video into parts; or

lowering the resolution. (Be careful not to decrease the pixels so they’re not supported in HD, if that’s a priority.)

3. Promote Your Video Online

Get extra eyes on your video with a good promotion strategy that makes all the time and effort you put into your video pay off. This can include:

  • An email campaign. Having “video” in your subject line can increase open and click-through rates

  • An Adwords campaign on Google or YouTube

  • Social promotion. Pin a tweet to the top, or feature it on Facebook

  • A paid campaign on social media

  • Inclusion in an article or blog post

4. Test, Evolve, and Scale for the Future

Be sure to track the success of your videos as you publish them. This will help to inform your strategy for the future.

Once you’ve produced your first few videos and found the formats that deliver the best results, keep that momentum going. Run a video test plan to help you evolve your strategy in an educated way. A good test plan should include all the basics such as a hypothesis, channel, target audience, format, and budget. Be sure to establish your key performance indicators (KPIs) and assign a value to each.

Whether you opt to zero in on easily reproducible videos that fill gaps in your content, stick to an editorial calendar for social sharing, or expand on a successful video by turning it into a series, keep the ball rolling. Consistency and volume will go a long way toward helping you to build a robust channel for your video content.

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Tips to Set Your Video Strategy Up For Success
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