The 12 Best Blogging Courses I Gotta Have From The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

The 12 best blogging courses in the Genius Blogger's Toolkit. Take your blog to the next level with this amazing bundle of resources for a crazy low price!>



The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2018>

I’m not going to sugar coat it. It’s hard to be a blogger and earn an income in a rapidly changing and competitive tech world. Every time I turn around, there is a new tool on the market or Pinterest, Google or Facebook algorithms are changing. We work hard and still struggle to get traffic to our sites and money in our accounts. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing technology, I take the

best blogging courses to educate me and dig deep into a particular topic so that I can implement effective, tried-and-true strategies to reach my blogging goals.


Note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk. Purchases from these links provides a small commission to me at no extra cost to you. 


I am passionate about blogging because I dream of earning an income working from home. And I love helping people chase their work from home dreams too, so I love sharing blogging tips  to help you succeed too. You are not alone in your blogging journey. Whether you are a stay at home like me who wants to maintain a work-life balance and make income working from home or an entrepreneur who has a blog to attract more clients, blogging can help you achieve that income, if you do it right.


So when I saw this deal for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit*, I snagged it for myself, pored through all the details and then had to tell you at least about the best blogging courses in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit that I am looking forward to completing. Some of my favorite bloggers who earn full-time incomes from their blogs are passing their secrets on to us! 


I think many of these courses will complement what I’m learning in Elite Blog Academy* very well. And this type of bundle of resources is essential for new bloggers starting out because they are cost efficient and packed with info to get you going in the right direction. For seasoned bloggers, this type of bundle is great when you are trying to dive into more technical aspects of a new-to-you topic to grow the traffic and income you already have. 


The Quick Facts about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

  • ONLY on sale October 10, 2018 8 am EST  to October 15, 2018 11:59pm EST
  • Bundle price: 98% off retail value, only $97 for over $5,800 worth or resources 
  • 77 eBooks, eCourses, and printables on how to start (and grow) an email list, monetize your blog, create and sell your own products, make eye-popping graphics, handle technical and legal challenges, and so much more!
  • Includes access to Genius Blogger Toolkit User Manual Lesson Videos & Workbook to help you prioritize your learning
  • Cheat sheet bundle of each course with an overview of the material, quick tips and practical steps to implement the material into your blog available for an additional $50
  • 30-day Happiness Guarantee

Topics covered include: 

  • Business Setup
  • Community Support
  • Content Creation
  • Design & Branding
  • Getting Started
  • List Growth
  • Monetization
  • Problogger Keynotes
  • Product Creation
  • Productivity
  • Social Media
  • Tech Help

And then there are bonuses! 

Please note that the content of the toolkit changes each year when it goes on sale. These courses will no longer be available in the 2019 bundle, so grab these while you can so you don’t have to buy them individually! Ready to learn what’s inside? Keep reading….!


The 12 best blogging courses in the Genius Blogger's Toolkit. Take your blog to the next level with this amazing bundle of resources for a crazy low price!>


The 12 Best Blogging Courses from the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

You know I’m a sucker for planning and list-making. As with any new project, I start out with a list of to-dos to make sure I complete everything. The planner addict in me wants to put ALL of the time management & productivity courses on this list, but realistically I know I eventually have to draw the line at planning and start executing!

And with blogging there is just so much to do and learn. I have to work on ONE course at a time so I can actually finish it and implement it fully. After purchasing the bundle myself, reviewing many descriptions, enrolling in courses and testing out content, here are the 12 best blogging courses from the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit that I know will help me on my blogging for income journey. 

Even if you do just a couple of these, it will be worth the price of the entire bundle and then you can have extra resources at your disposal when you need them. Images below contain all the products in the bundle for that category but I’ve highlighted for you my favorites so you know where to head to first if you’re needing help in a particular area.



Business Setup>

1. Business Setup – Business Plan Perfection by Lesley Clavijo – retail value $67


Lesley’s course outlines the key elements for creating your blog’s business plan so that you can develop your mission and value statement, fine tune the products and services you want to offer and analyze the market and your competition. With a combination of videos and printables in an ebook, Business Plan Perfection is a great start into developing a business plan that sets a solid foundation for your business in the coming year. 


Honorable Mentions: The GDPR Compliant Blog – Surviving the GDPR: Everything You Need to Know and Do to Make Your Blog GDPR Compliant Before & After May 25th 2018 by Lucrezia Iapichino and the The Blogger’s Handbook for Keeping It Legal by Jackie Jade are also excellent resources. 


Community & Support>

2. Community & Support – Blog Happy Club by Tanya Peterson (3 months) – retail value $51

I’m totally a checklist, planner and template girl. Following preset templates makes blogging so much easier because it takes the overhwhelm and time out of figuring the next best step to take. You just follow the template and get. it. done.

The Blog Happy Club by Tanya Peterson has roadmaps, checklists, planners, done-for-you content kits, social media booster kits, a stock photo image library and even branding kits with hex color codes, buttons and social media icons to design your website. I love the Task of the Week too to encourage you to focus on a particular aspect of your blog. This will be one of the first resources I’ll be snagging all of the goodies before the membership expires. She has a new fan in me! 


Content Creation>

3. Content Creation – One Hour Content Plan: The Solopreneur’s Guide to a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas in 60 Minutes and Creating Content that Sells and Hooks by Meera Kothand – retail value $3.99

Now this one really depends on where you want to take your blog. If podcasting is the direction you are heading, then absolutely grab Just Start Podcasting by Kim Anderson. I have listened to Kim’s podcast, Just Keep Blogging, several times and her podcasts are great. If YouTube is in your content plan, then you’ll want YouTube Made Simple Quickstart: Growing Your Blog and Business by Tasha & Joseph Cochran on how to shoot and edit videos with your smartphone, and brand and create your channel.

But if writing is your jam like it is for me, then the One Hour Content Plan by one of my favorite blogging experts, Meera Kothand, is your way to go. Don’t be fooled by the $3.99 retail value, Meera seriously undervalued this powerhouse of this 149 page e-book. And even though it is geared to bloggers, the advice could certainly apply to podcasters and youtubers as well as they brainstorm and plan content for their channels.

Meera explains 3 core ways to generate content ideas easily and provides relevant examples and bonus worksheets to help you think through your content creation process. She defines how to find and target your ideal reader, how to promote your products and services, and how to create smart blog posts that keep the reader hooked. The cheat sheet for this course is a great checklist and template to use to help you get it all done efficiently without getting overwhelmed. 


Design & Branding>

4. Design & Branding – How to Build a Beautiful Blog: Graphic Design Building Blocks for Bloggers by Menucha Citron Ceder – retail value $16.99

If you want to learn how to create beautiful photos and a recognizable brand for your blog, then How to Build a Beautiful Blog is a great foundational course that teaches how to optimize the graphics on your blog, how to create your logo, choose a theme and fonts, how to improve your photography and editing how to find and use stock images legally and create eye-catching graphics for your blog posts, Pinterest and printables. 


Honorable Mention: I don’t have Photoshop or Lightroom but if I did, I would totally want Stacie Vaughn’s The Editing Bundle course (retail value $138). If you’ve visited Stacie’s blog like I have, you will have drooled on your laptop with her amazing photos and pins of her recipes. Also included in this section are 8 themed stock photo bundles you can use for your blog. High quality stock photos are always great to have in your blogging arsenal when you don’t have your own high quality photo to use.


Getting Started>

5. Getting Started – Mom Blogging Mentor by McKinzie Bean – retail value $47

Even though I have “mom” in the title of my blog, I don’t really consider myself a mom blogger. I don’t write about parenting or the kids all that much. So don’t let the title of the course dissuade you from peeking inside and learning some valuable tips, especially if you are a new blogger.

McKinzie uses a combination of videos and worksheets to take you through just about every aspect of setting goals and a weekly plan, setting up your blog and plugins, creating content, building an email list, and affiliate marketing. Her advice is spot on and her worksheets are simple, colorful and effective. She has some problogger bonus lessons as well which were new to me tips even though I’ve been blogging for 6 years now! Mom Blogging Mentor is great if you’re starting out or just need a refresher on strategies to grow your traffic, email list or income.


List Growth>

6. List Growth – Irresistible Email by Ruth Soukup if you don’t have Elite Blog Academy – retail value $297 or Email Growth & Marketing by Jennifer Roskamp – retail value $247

As an Elite Blog Academy* student, I’m a big fan of Ruth Soukup and I admit, she is the queen of email marketing. I’m on her email lists for her blog and EBA and she does an amazing job of relating to her reader, telling her story and connecting it to the content or product she is promoting. I read every one of the emails she sends, both to see what she’s saying and to get tips of how to effectively connect to my readers for my own newsletter. And when it says this course will help you nurture your tribe of raving fans, Ruth should know, she’s got a ton of raving fans, including me.

That being said, her email course Irresistible Email is in the bundle which includes both a workbook and a 10 video series. The ebook mirrors much of what is in EBA from the importance of email, finding your voice and getting deep into the mind of your ideal reader, and providing swipe copy and lots of content ideas to get you writing. Ruth’s workbook is great at asking the open-ended questions to make you think about what you have to offer to your audience and what your reader needs from you. I felt like (not all but) much of the ebook content duplicated what is in EBA already.

Irresistible Email also includes a series of videos that go along with the workbook. I haven’t watched them all yet but Ruth is an enthusiastic and motivating instructor. She has a knack for speaking to my concern or anxiety, telling me to get over it. clearly explaining how to accomplish the task. Ruth is great at motivating you with big picture ideas and getting you on track to tackle email marketing.

So if you already have EBA, or an established list and want much more detailed content and specific tasks, I recommend looking into Jennifer Roskamp’s Email Growth & Marketing Bootcamp. The cheat sheet that comes with this course is an invaluable overview and can serve as a checklist when you don’t know what to tackle next. From generating opt-in and content ideas, what and how often to email your list to writing welcome sequences and email challenges, this course is very comprehensive and thorough. I love the swipe copy examples she provides and especially her Trello tutorial because I have been obsessed with using Trello for developing checklists and tracking ideas for my editorial calendar among other things.

I’m really excited about completing this course. As we know email is where our most devoted fans are and optimizing my relationship with my email readers makes

Jennifer’s Email Growth and Marketing Bootcamp worth the price of the entire bundle



7. Monetization – Holiday Blogger Bootcamp: Maximize Your Earnings for Every Holiday & All Year – retail value $47

Again I’m not a recipe or kids craft blogger so I don’t normally take advantage of the various holidays but still I really liked Caroline Vencil’s Holiday Blogger Bootcamp course. The problem I have with relying solely on affiliate marketing is that income is very inconsistent.

One thing I like about Caroline’s course is that there is a Pinterest topic schedule that covers the entire year and shows you how to optimize and when to start writing about different holiday themed topics. This will be particularly useful for me when I write planner reviews and productivity tips in preparation for the new year, gift guides for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday and Christmas, seasonal book discussion lists (like a book round up) which are more popular than individual book reviews or writing about chronic illness issues surrounding a particular holiday or season. The topic schedule gives a nice basis to brainstorm ideas that pertain to my audience and what they will love. I have seen other topic schedules like this one floating around, so it may not be new information unless you are new to Pinterest but it’s still worth having this one page visual.

I also really like Caroline’s videos and checklists. As of writing this post, I could only see the Amazon related content but I really need to up my Amazon affiliate income since it’s the easiest to earn and Caroline does a good job explaining ways to incorporate affiliate links into different types of posts. I look forward to the sales and email section since I am looking into improving my own product sales and email marketing. I think this is a great course if you are a new blogger getting into affiliate marketing and as an advanced affiliate marketer you might learn a few helpful tips from it. I know I did. 

Also included are pin templates for blog posts and roundups, I told you I love done-for-you work so these are helpful to create pinnable images quickly.

Honorable Mention: Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers: Everything You’re Missing by Carly Campbell – retail value $79

I like Carly’s style, she doesn’t do things the same way as everyone else. She figures out what is authentic for her and her readers and I’d like to think I’m the same way. She makes her opinion known on the fact that many bloggers make their money blogging about blogging. And while she does write and produce blogging products, her book also focuses on her success in making affiliate income from mom blogging, that it is possible and how.

Since I don’t mom blog and DO blog about blogging (as I told you I want to help you follow your work from home dreams just like I’m pursuing mine), I liked Carly’s detailed case study of her own affiliate launch for last year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, emails sent that don’t just use swipe copy and detailed analysis of the results, with screenshots of her statistics to show us what worked, what didn’t and why. 

The Monetization section also includes products about working with brands, but I don’t focus on that so I didn’t look into those courses. 


8. Problogger Keynotes by Darren Rowse with special guest keynote speakers 

Problogger Darren Rowse has 18 keynote speeches from  his Exclusive Problogger Events 2011-2017 in the bundle. Learn from the likes of Rowse himself, Ruth Soukup, Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker and others. I like listening to these type of podcasts as I’m folding laundry or cleaning bathrooms, it certainly makes the mundane tasks of momlife more productive and inspiring. My short list of the ones I want to listen to are: 

  • overcoming blogging obstacles (Rowse)
  • heart smart blogging (Rowse)
  • from little things big things come (Rowse)
  • how to turn your casual readers into a raving community of fans (Flynn)
  • from ideas to action: your blueprint for achieving success and turbocharging your blog (Michalewicz)
  • 5 ordinary habits of extraordinary bloggers (Soukup)
  • how to combine your many passions in one blog (Wapnick)

Speeches range from between 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes long and include the audio and the presentation slides. I feel like they will be great pep talks for getting me motivated when I get too hard on myself. 


Product Creation>

9. Product Creation – Create Your Own Printables by Laura Smith or Ebook by Number by Suzi Whitford

I want to create printables and ebooks to help my readers and I learned from the market survey I did that those are the two products that my readers wanted to see. 

Create Your Own Printables by Laura Smith teaches how she makes pretty planner printables in less than an hour using Microsoft Excel* in this video course. She walks you through step by step sharing her screen as she builds different planner pages from scratch. In my former life, I was an accountant so I used Excel all the time and I bought the Home and Student 2016 download version* to avoid the subscription fee.

Excel comes easily to me and I loved seeing how she made the printables in Excel. It’s what I use also to make my checklists and products and even though I’m a proficient Excel user, I did pick up some new tips to help me make my printables cleaner and prettier. Laura does also go over how to make printables in Google Sheets if you don’t have Excel.


Ebook by Number by Suzi Whitford is the other resource in this section I found valuable. While the book’s focus is to create an ebook, Suzi walks through why your blog and growing your email list is integral to coming up with your ebook idea, creating an ebook your readers will have to have, developing your sales page and marketing with a launch plan. I have gotten some of Suzi’s prior products in bundles like these and I love how detailed she is in her explanations and the templates she provides so you just have to fill in your amazing content.

Honorable Mentions: Craft Your Brilliant Webinar by Beth Anne Schwamberger, creator of the Brilliant Life Planner, and Editable Canva Template Bundle: ebook, workbook and yearly planner by Kara Kidd with bright and colorful designed templates done for you so you can just add your content and start selling your product. 



10. Productivity – 

Proven Workflow Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs: Get More Done in Less Time by Brianna Berner – retail value $97 or Business Brilliance Bootcamp: 30 Days To Simplify & Streamline Your Business by Haylee Galloway – retail value $197

These days when I think of productivity, I think of using workflows and checklists to automate my processes so I can be more efficient and make the work easier.  If I can get all the pieces in a list, I can just go through one by one, get the satisfaction of making progress when I check off the item is completed and go on to the next thing. I still have to do the work, but I can focus on the getting it done part instead of the stress and overwhelm of all the things that need to be done swirling around in my head.

So in terms of coming up with workflows and checklists, I think that the Blog Happy Club paper checklists that I mentioned in #2 above are the best because they are so comprehensive. If you are already a seasoned blogger know the why’s behind what needs to get done, those done-for-you checklists are the best in this bundle.

If you need to know the learn how to improve your productivity and efficiency, how to time block, how to develop effective workflows, how to batch content creation, pin development and scheduling, and like video based courses then you’ll like the 

Proven Workflow Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs: Get More Done in Less Time by Brianna Berner. Because I’m a productivity and planning junkie already, much of the content was refresher for me but Brianna also has links to sample Trello boards that you can copy and paste into your own account to develop your own weekly plan (for home and blog), editorial calendar and project plan. I’ve been obsessed with Trello lately so these are great starter boards to build on.

If you want to declutter and simplify your business resources to make it leaner and more efficient, then I recommend 

Business Brilliance Bootcamp: 30 Days To Simplify & Streamline Your Business by Haylee Galloway. In just 3 weeks, Haylee helps you eliminate distractions, business clutter and focus on the resources you have and optimizing them to work for you, and learning simple tweaks to take your business to the next level, then this bootcamp will be helpful to you.  They may be all things you know you should have done by now, but I like the way she gives you an action plan to tell you why you need to do it and get it done. 

These are both great resources and I’d certainly take them since they are included in the bundle so I didn’t have to pay full price. I don’t think I’d pay full price for these 2 but that’s because I already read a lot about productivity and simplifying my life (SIMPLIFY is my word of the year), this is my favorite productivity book* and this is my current read about simplifiying my life*. You can get both for free on audiobook with an Audible trial*.


Social Media>

11. Social Media – Manual Pinning Organization with Trello by Elizabeth Gidley- retail value $29 or Master Pinning Tracking Spreadsheet & Training by Lena Gott – retail value $47 because I’ve got a ton of Pinterest courses already

Ok, so I love Pinterest. As a visual search engine, Pinterest battles and earns my top spot for referral traffic, beating out good ole Google. But I have invested a lot in my share of Pinterest courses. I’ve taken Pinning Perfect* by Blog Clarity and also bought Pin Practical Masterclass and Pin Practical Promotions + Pin Practical Affiliate* from Monica Froese (the Pin Practical Promotions Primer is included in this bundle already) AND Adventures in SEO by Lena Gott. And I use Tailwind and it helped me explode my traffic from Pinterest a couple years ago, those same viral pins still bring a ton of traffic. 

So yea, I have Pinterest covered and it is the “social media” I focus on even though it’s really a search engine. And it’s been worth my time investment.

But still I love these two resources included in the bundle to help me monitor and simplify my pinning. Honestly, I’ve been contemplating getting rid of Tailwind ONLY because of cost.  It makes pinning easier to set and forget but I’m just not making much consistent income…yet and a kid applying to college next week so I need to keep the little income I earn from blogging.

And I’ve been obsessing over Trello and getting it to organize my online space. So Elizabeth’s Manual Pinning Organization in Trello is a very clever and unique approach to setting up your pin schedule and manually pinning from Trello. It’s not like anything I’ve seen before and given how much I research Pinterest, that’s quite a feat. She does still use Tailwind for it’s board insight feature but not for scheduling pins. If I use her method, it will be to replace Tailwind. I might test it out and see how it goes. 


Lena’s Master Pinning Tracking Sheet is more geared towards figuring out effective keywords and tracking your pins, keywords, your power pins and your group boards. It’s more analytical and comprehensive. I get it, she’s a former CPA like I am, so if I’m trying to figure out how to best write pin descriptions and track pin performance, Lena’s sheet is fantastic.


Tech Help>

12. Tech Help – SEO Site Audit

Oh boy do I need help in the SEO department and  as a former auditor, I love testing and analyzing to make sure things are working properly. I look forward to this SEO Site Audit course to do a self audit of my site and figure out a plan to improve my SEO.  A combination of a 20 minute video, text lessons and worksheets to walk you through doing a quick analysis of your site and how to improve it. 

Honorable Mention: Conquer Your Business Analytics: A Course for Creatives and Non-techies by Jenn Zellers is a great Google Analytics course working through setting up Analytics on your blog to analyzing information to creating custom views to help you reach your blogging goals.


And there are bonuses!

Free trials of Convertkit, Tailwind, Podia, Scribd and Stencil for new members (Stencil bonus is only available if you purchase Wednesday or Thursday, October 10th and 11th). 



Well there you have it, the inside scoop on the best blogging courses inside the 2018 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit*. As you can see, I had a lot to say about this bundle (this might be my longest post yet). I want to make sure you know what you are getting and what I recommend focusing on as 77 resources to pore through can be overwhelming and time consuming so I did the hard part for you.  The toolkit is filled with a wide variety resources from both expert bloggers and smaller bloggers sharing their secrets with you to get you from hobby blogging to blogging for income. These bundles are particularly great for newer bloggers that need to get their hands on information but can’t handle the price tag of a mega course like Elite Blog Academy*


So, don’t let this amazing deal for bloggers pass you by, I wish it was available when I had started blogging many years ago! Sale is only available until October 15, 2018 at 11:59pm. That’s in:

This bundle also comes with a 30 day happiness guarantee, so if you aren’t thrilled with your purchase, get a refund within 30 days! 




So now you tell me!  What do you want to accomplish with your blog, what are your goals and mission? What areas of your blog are you looking to improve?  I’d love to help and encourage you in making your dreams a reality. Leave me a comment or email me at tanya{at}momssmallvictories{dot}com if you have any questions I can help you with.

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The 12 Best Blogging Courses I Gotta Have from the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
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