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Mumbai Police is known for its quirky and innovative social media posts on Twitter, be it their superb wordplay or giving meaningful twists to contemporary memes — their game is on point. However, its latest entry on the micro-blogging site has left people squinting to read what the post said.

Sharing a message about cybersecurity, Mumbai Police shared a sketch of a male in a post that read “Once a wise man said”. But what was written next left many scratching their heads and squinted to read something written in Arabic font (or at least what it appears on first glance).

“Always go by the legends to avoid making a fool of yourself,” the social media team of the cops wrote with hashtag #VerseOfWisdom to make a point about passwords.

Always go by the legends to avoid making a fool of yourself #VerseOfWisdom #CyberSafety

— Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) October 20, 2018

The photo quickly gained attention. While some struggled to decipher what was written, others who cracked it couldn’t stop cracking jokes about it. Many thought it was pretty “cool” and lauded their efforts, one user quipped, the tweet was harder to crack than a password. Sample these below.

Got to give it to @MumbaiPolice.

— Farheen Raaj (@BhookiIndian) October 20, 2018

Ultimately legendary..

— KHAN FEROZ (@KHAN_FEROZWILL) October 20, 2018

password zyada muskil aapka yeh handle ka tweet hai

— utkarshutpal (@utkarshutpal) October 20, 2018

I really didn’t get 😅 what he said?

— Sonam (@iSonam5) October 20, 2018

Ha ha…this is epic!!👍🏻

— Lalit Tripathi (@LalitTripathi) October 20, 2018

Which means, your password or pin code shall only be understood to you. Nobody shall guess it.

— Prashant (@prashantempires) October 20, 2018

OMG u guys are hilarious 😄

— zoha deeba khan (@zoha18) October 20, 2018

Hahaha @MumbaiPolice handle rocks

— Zaheer Memon (@zaheermemon) October 20, 2018

Could you read what their post said? Let us know in comments below.

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