How To Grow Big With These 17 New Digital Marketing Trends

17 powerful digital marketing trends

Digital marketing trends.

By definition, trends change.

Four months passed since the publication of my popular post 

How to Use The 12 Top Digital Marketing Trends to Make More Money.

Now that 2018 is nearing a close, are the digital marketing trends reported in that post the same or have they changed?

By the end of this post, you’ll discover the current digital marketing trends, the connection between digital marketing and SEO, and you’ll have a powerful action plan for growing your blog or business online.

Digital Marketing Trends: Your New Digital Marketing Plan

The Changing Trends in Digital Marketing

Danish Wadhwa


digital marketing is the newest field in the marketing sector. Most people these days have no knowledge about digital marketing. Still, many organizations have adopted digital marketing as their new marketing strategy for obtaining more significant results.

So, here I’ll help you to understand “What is digital marketing?”

Digital Marketing is the process of promoting various products and brands by using various electronic media. The internet plays a vital role in digital marketing.

In traditional marketing, different company owners promote their products and services using radio,


TV advertisements, business cards and the various ways which didn’t involve internet and any online promotional activity.

Digital Marketing Features

Digital marketing is a collective term used for describing the combination of the advertisement and web innovations, and various other new forms of media.

Use the Following Digital Marketing Trends to Make Your Digital Marketing Plan:

  • Affordable and wider audience reach

In the past, people usually spend a lot of money on traditional marketing which consumes a lot of time and strength. As a solution, people these days start adopting popular digital marketing trends.

Digital marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing. Moreover, it approaches more people than traditional advertising.

Traditional marketing requires time to approach people whereas, digital marketing approaches audiences very fast.

Digital marketing includes various ways of marketing like social media sites,

sponsored posts, and paid ads. Whereas, in the traditional way, a single newspaper ad takes several dollars.

  • Variety of marketing outlets

With the implementation of digital marketing, marketers became introduced to various new opportunities.

The opportunities are email campaigns, social media, content marketing, banner ads, SEO, and many more. By using these strategies, online marketing promotion can control online ads and make a smoother marketing process.

  • Online generation, more ad views

The Millennium age is completely online; most interactions occur online. Even news, weather, food orders, everything online can be easily accessed with just a few clicks and swipes on the screen.

Today’s Digital Marketing Trends Include These Types of Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

In social media marketing, media channels help in sharing your brand image and content. The result: the brand improves its value, draws more traffic and produces more leads for the business. Various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms help in promoting brand ads.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Digital marketing comes with PPC (

Pay-Per-Click), the following feature helps in directing traffic by paying to the publisher (the blogger) when the ad is clicked. Among the various types of PPC, the most recognized type is Google AdWords. Moreover, SEM additionally requires keyword research and expression as a part of the success of the ad.

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  • SEM


Search Engine Marketing) includes some of the similar techniques of search engine optimization. The minor difference between the two terms is the SEM additionally incorporates paid promotion like pay-per-click (PPC).


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  • Email-Marketing

Various businesses use email-marketing for communicating with their target audiences. The email medium helps in promoting occasions, content, and discussing multiple discounts. In addition, email marketing helps in directing individuals toward your business sites.

  • Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate marketing help in promoting another person’s product or services over your website. To promote the product, you will earn a commission on your sales.

  • Content Marketing

In this method, various content is design and circulated by providing the keyword of the product or services of the promotional website. The content gets posted over a different website as a guest blog. The more content gets posted on the different websites will help the promotional website improve their rankings on  Google.

The Most Effective Feature of Digital Marketing:

In digital marketing, SEO is one of the effective ways of improving the SERP ranking of the website. The SERP ranking stands for Search Engine Results Page. Whenever the keyword searches over the SERP, it analyses that keyword over the different websites. Here, SEO is the process which is responsible for improving the ranking of the website.

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization is a process by which you can increase the visibility of the website. SEO can help you in improving the SERP ranking of your website. Nowadays, businesses across the different domains are getting digitized, and this is the main reason the importance of SEO is increasing day by day.

Along with the increase in importance is the increase in the adoption of SEO by companies and individuals.

Companies hiring professional SEOs for improving businesses and Individuals who have > SEO training

for improving their marketing skill can demand a hike in their salary.  SEO skills can help you to get the desired traffic and ranking for your website or your employer’s website.

Let’s have a look at various reasons that why SEO is so important for digital marketing:

  • Ranking is the major key in the field of digital marketing

Ranking plays a crucial role in the field of digital marketing.  A good ranking can assure a good traffic level on a website. People tend to open only the first few results while searching for a particular product or service. Many prefer to go to the next page.

Thus, the website owners who demand a high level of search traffic is required to enhance the ranking of their page. This is possible with the help of search engine optimization.

For good business growth, search engine optimization is essential as it helps the website owner generate a desired amount of traffic for their website by using the right keywords. So if you want to get a good ranking, then you must focus on improving your SEO.

  • Mobile-focused optimization is very effective

With current digital marketing trends, mobile-based optimization is more important than ever when compared to desktop-based traffic. Presently, Google is providing precedence to the mobile-based searches as a major content to decide search engine ranking.

Mobile-based optimization plays a crucial role in increasing the visibility of your website. Professionals having certification in digital marketing are familiar with all types of SEO techniques and can help you in the proper growth of your business.

  • Promote the business brand

Search engine optimization can help the business owner to stay competitive in the business market. There may be some websites from a similar domain having better rankings and more visitors. The main reason behind this fact is that users have a high level of trust of those websites which have a good ranking.

Students who pursue a retail marketing course are taught the different methods to promote their social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and many others. Social media marketing makes sure the business brand is at the topmost position in the competitive business market.

  • Enhance the user experience

SEO techniques are very helpful to enhance the usability and user experience of a website.  With digital marketing, you can implement the different SEO techniques for your website and improve your business ranking. Also, if you optimize the website properly, then the customer can find the desired product and services easily.

  • SEO leads to more customers

Many businesses struggle to get the customers, but improved SEO can help you to get a right client for your business.  Search engine optimization improves your online visibility, increases your traffic and helps you to get the right customers  for your online business

  • Search engine optimization shows you worry about your business

Search engine optimization is the basic way to improve the online presence of your company.  SEO shows that you are concerned about your business and makes it easier for visitors to find your product and services online.

  • Search engine optimization rewards hard work

In your business, you put a lot of effort to produce positive outcomes. So, it is also important for you to make sure that you hold the proper SEO skills or you hire a skilled SEO professional for your business growth. A skilled SEO brings more traffic to your website; that is a reward for the hard work you have done.

  • Increase your business reputation

>Being at the topmost of search engines

can make you more powerful. Potential customers trust the companies that are having high Google ranking.

If your website does not display in the topmost Google search results, then the customer may not prefer to go for your website as they may think that there is something wrong with your business. SEO increases your rankings and helps you to stay at the topmost position which makes it easy to target the desired audience.

Wrapping Up: Digital Marketing Trends

Currently, digital marketing is getting utilized for increasing the growth of businesses. It is known as one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Previously, the

brands competed with each other’s marketing strategy. But now, the brands fight against the entire internet.

Currently, brands will have to find various ways these digital marketing trends might create an impact on the customers.

So, the more you bring strategies and uniqueness to your marketing skill, the more customers you are going to attract. That results in the growth of brand name recognition and profit count of the business. Following these digital marketing trends with uniqueness is completely a “Win! Win! Strategy.” Further, it also increases the popularity of your brand name and improves the ways to approach customers. 

Readers, please share so marketers know these digital marketing trends are so effective they make a powerful digital marketing plan.

Do know any effective digital marketing trends you can share? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.


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