How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 4 Preview: ‘It’s Her Kid’

How to Get Away with Murder was back for its fourth episode, and woah, what didn’t happen this week?! It was a drama-filled episode where Nate and Annalise helped his father through the first stages of retrying his case, Bonnie finding out more about her past, and Annalise not taking crap from anybody.

The episode started out with Annalise entering a night club where she meets Tegan and after being a reluctant to dance for the first few minutes due to her remembering what Nate revealed to her last episode, she finally lets loose and dances.

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The Truth About Bonnie

Episode 4 of How to Get Away with Murder was all about Bonnie. The now permanent DA and also her boyfriend wants to make their relationship official and out in the open. So, he presents her with a form for her to sign to alert HR.

She is obviously nervous about people knowing she is dating her boss but she takes the form and tell him she’ll think about it. And while she does eventually sign the form, before she ever has a chance to give it back to him, the secret of that’s surrounded this season so far was revealed.

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Bonnie’s baby is alive and Nate has been investigating who stole it and where it could be now. At first Annalise struggles with whether to tell Bonnie or not. She sees how happy Bonnie is and doesn’t want to ruin that. But she also remembers the young woman she cross-examined so many years ago.

Annalise does end up telling her and obviously, Bonnie becomes very upset over the revelation. Nate told her he burned the file that help all that information but now she knows he lied. But she is not in this alone. Annalise will be there for her no matter if she chooses to not let the news affect her or if she chooses to find her son.

Fans also got to see a glimpse at Bonnie’s sister this week. Nate sat outside her home and took pictures, and it’s clear that she is not living in the best conditions. How she fits into the rest of the season will remain to be seen.

13 Reasons Why (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
13 Reasons Why (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)

The Case of the Week

This week’s case was all about trying to get the insanity plea on the table for Nate’s dad’s case. Nate’s dad murdered a guard at the prison he was staying at and Annalise and Nate want him to take a psychological evaluation so that once they make it to court, they can use the insanity defense to eventually get him out of jail.

Through this process, they have to get him to understand that no matter his mental state now, he needs to answer the questions in a way that will make the judge believe that he may have not been able to tell right from wrong at the time of the murder.

When Annalise brings up the fact that another guard said he asked for chocolate cake after killing the man, Nate’s father denies it. But Nate and Annalise tell him that he has to say that he did anyway if they want to have a chance of winning his case.

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Fortunately, he does say it during the interview, the judge grants them the ability to use the insanity plea when they go to trial, and if they win, he will be able to go to a mental facility instead of back to prison. He’s really just happy that Nate will still be able to visit him every week.

Connor and Annalise Showdown

After they win the insanity plea case, Annalise names Connor her second chair. But that’s before he goes to her office to talk to her. When Oliver was hacking school documents to learn more about Gabriel, he also had Oliver look into his files as well. He found out that he didn’t get back into law school on his own merit but because Annalise put in a call to the dean for him.

With this news, he bursts into her office and they shout at each other. But Annalise has the final say, stating that he wants her “to save the world and be nice about it” but she can’t do both. She storms out of her office and makes Gabriel the second chair on the case instead.

Ruthie’s Hamburgers

The firm of Caplan and Gold is trying to get Ruth Stevenson, the owner of Ruthie’s, a popular hamburger chain around the country, as a client. Since they lost the case last week, they need a big client to help make up for the loss and they could use the money.

But it’s not as easy as you might think. Gabriel is the first one to have a problem with the firm representing Ruthie’s. One of the franchise manager’s fired all their black employees and due to that action, have a boycott being held against them.

How to Get Away with Murder season 5 episode 4 recap: It’s Her Kid
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