7 Unexpected Ways Instagram Has Changed The World

In the past two years, Instagram has gone from strength to strength, amassing a billion active users and growing at the fastest rate of any of the major social platforms. 

And with users now spending 53 minutes per day, on average, in the photo-sharing app, its impact on our day to day lives has been significant - and I don’t just mean the amount of people who refuse to take a bite of their meal until they’ve taken the perfect #brunchgoals picture.

Instagram has created sub-genres, businesses and careers, and has disrupted whole industries. In this post, we'll look at seven ways that Instagram has influenced modern behaviors, which is worth considering in your marketing and outreach process.

Source : https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/7-unexpected-ways-instagram-has-changed-the-world/539032/

7 Unexpected Ways Instagram Has Changed the World
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