7 Reasons Online Reviews Are Essential For Your Brand

Bloggers are of all ages and come from all backgrounds. They blog for many reasons, whether they be personal, business, or both. It can be said that in general people are blogging to leverage on the benefits of blogging and the impacts of blogging. (Also, for extra credit and money.)

1. To be part of a community

By blogging you are becoming a part of the blogging community. Many blogs are created solely for the purpose of introducing one’s self to the digital communities. Next, you become a part of a more segmented group of people who blog, such as students who blog, academics who blog, freelancers, etc.

2. To share experiences and expertise

Bloggers share experiences through articles or other forms of blog posts: reviews of products, guides to places, restaurant recommendations, reviews of services, whatever you can think of. If you are quite fluent in browsing the web for information, you’ll share top tips on how to do online research and where to look for information.

If you’re knowledgeable in taking pictures, you’ll share tips on how to take Instagram-worthy pictures with your smartphone.

3. To share an idea

Well, not just an idea. You can share many ideas with your followers. People use their blogs to sell a product, to explain a difficult process, and they share all the nitty-gritty with their followers.

4. To advance a career or start anew

When you take your work online, you’ll help potential clients find you. Freelancers blog about why they have chosen a different career path and how they do their work. There is also the opportunity to educate potential clients about the services or products you offer and how to best work with you.

5. To keep people updated about life

You might think that your boring day-to-day life is of no interest to people, and most likely you are right. But what about family members who live in different countries? Wouldn’t they be excited to learn about your new haircut? Your holiday trip? Updating your childhood friends or recent acquaintances on major life events or a new pet is just a blog post away.

6. To earn extra credit

Check with your professors if they plan to allocate extra points for blogging. Blogging for credits is a common extra assignments in some classes. Usually the topic is decided and you’ll have to meet some requirements on blog formats and content. Sometimes teachers will let you in on extra credit assignments, but other times don’t be afraid to ask or even suggest one.

Source : https://toughnickel.com/self-employment/creative-blogging-for-personal-branding

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